Automatic Status Reminders

Let’s face it, child care waitlists are always out of date. Parents never tell you if they have found care elsewhere or have moved. Plus, parents are often on so many lists they rarely keep their requirements updated. MyWaitlist solves this problem by putting the onus on parents to maintain their active status. Parents receive automated reminder emails to maintain their waitlist application, otherwise they become inactive.

Customisable email templates

Customise enrolment letters such as offers and confirmations with your own personalised email templates. Add attachments such as centre brochures, direct debit forms and parent handbooks. Deliver a branded experience by uploading your own custom code for HTML emails.

Automatically expire offers

Take a disciplined approach to enrolments and set expiry dates on offer letters. Families will automatically be notified via email when their offer is no longer valid. Their child's waitlist application will move from an ‘Offered’ state back to a ‘Waitlisted’ state. This ensures that they still appear in waitlist searches and can be presented with new offers in the future. This systematic process helps you to keep your database up-to-date whilst maximising future occupancy levels and lead conversion rates.

Automatic payments

Connect your MyWaitlist account to a Paypal account and automate the collection of payments such as waitlist and enrolment fees. Waitlist requests won't be accepted until payment has been made. Alternatively, setup bank payment instructions for families to make manual payments.

Lead Tracking

Track your leads as they move through the enrolment pipeline, from a waitlisted to an offered and confirmed status. Our Dashboard shows you everything you need to know about your waitlist; from how many are active and inactive, to the number of families waiting for places in each teaching room. Use charts, links and search-boxes to rapidly narrow your waitlist to fill vacancies. Finally, add notes and send emails from within the system.

Parent Portal for Self-Servicing

Parents use a single login to create, submit and update waitlist requests with multiple services with a single click.

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