Simple and mobile-friendly form

Maximise lead capture and conversion rates and whilst delivering a consistent, branded experience for families using our customisable Quick Enquiry Form. Take control of the design and embed the form into your company website for a mobile-ready experience.

Integration with tour booking form

Control which enquiries are offered a tour based on criteria such as a child’s age and when care is required. Enquiries that meet your criteria are automatically redirected to the Tour Booking Form.

Automatically adds lead to the waitlist database

Capture a lead without asking the parent to complete the full waitlist registration process or creating a password. Minimal information is required to create a lead which can be automatically added to your waitlist database, maximising lead capture rates.

Immediate email response to families

Reduce the administrative burden on staff and create an email template to automatically respond to enquiries. Add attachments to provide families with additional service information.

Capture a lead for multiple services with one form

Parents can select one or more of your services that they are interested in by using the single Quick Enquiry Form. Their information is captured and imported into the waitlists of all selected services.


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